Who We Serve

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With a clutch of loyal clients and a willingness to offer guidance and support, Fairside Bookkeeping and Accountancy serves the Yorkshire Coast and beyond.

We have learned that bookkeeping and accountancy are more than just the numbers. There are always new rules in place; digital accountancy is on the horizon; and annual tax returns need completing year on year.

As global events can affect how accounts are maintained and calculated, Fairside Bookkeeping and Accountancy is ahead of the curve by understanding any changes in legislation, taxation, National Insurance contributions, VAT and payroll.

The Fairside team also understands that keeping track of your day-to-day bookkeeping and accounts doesn’t have to be expensive.

Our easy payment plans mean you can break down costs into monthly installments, which are tailored to the services you require.


The team includes Chris Buxton, who lives and works in Scarborough and who also has a background in digital marketing before becoming an accountant.

His experience has ensured many clients have the most effective bookkeeping and accountancy support for their business.
Chris also has a number of professional contacts who can help with all types of accountancy.